Role: Design, Motion Design
Agency: Some Spider Studios
Collaborated with:
Motion Lead, Editor
Executive Producer, Motion Designers

The Goal
Drive brand awareness and reach target audiences on the platform.
The Challenge
Launching parenting brand content on Snapchat, a platform primarily composed of a younger user demographic, presents the challenge of adapting our strategy to resonate with audience effectively.
The Solution
Strategy Tweaking
Adjust the content strategy to align with the interests and concerns of young parents or soon-to-be parents. ​​​​​​​
Motion Graphics
Snapchat is a visually driven platform. Utilizing motion graphics to maximize the opportunity for viewers to engage more deeply with our content, thereby enhancing user engagement, interaction and lead to increased user loyalty.
Interactive Engagement
We employ interactive features native to Snapchat, making our content not only informative but also fun and engaging. This includes utilizing features like polls and Q&A sessions to encourage our audience to actively participate in the content, ensuring an enjoyable and appealing experience.
The Results
3.6M global subscribers    
500M unique views a month    ​​​​​​​
Process & Concept Development
Researched major competitors to gain insight into their marketing strategies and identify potential opportunities where we can out-perform them.
We leverage performance data to gain insights into our audience's needs, preferences, and behavior, enabling us to formulate a comprehensive content and design strategy that incorporates best practices for continual improvement.
We believe that overall consistency creates a sense of structure for the viewer
and makes storytelling truly effective.
Snapchat Publisher 
Content performs best when it feels native to the platform.
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