Role: Motion Design
Agency: BDG Media
Collaborated with:
Director of Post Production 
SVP Video, Art Director, Editor
The Goal
Enhance Visa's brand perception and boost the purchase intent of online shoppers by illustrating how it effectively, securely, and effortlessly links individuals to their interests within the marketplace.

The Insight
After the pandemic, consumers shifted towards online platforms for their shopping needs, leading publishers and retailers to explore more interactive ways to create shopping experiences on digital platforms.

The Solution
The Zoe Report organized its inaugural live shopping event in collaboration with Visa to foster deeper connection and engagement with customers in real-time. Our 45-minute livestream, hosted by an influencer and TZR editors, showcased stylish fall trends while seamlessly integrating Visa's brand messaging. Accompanied by shoppable articles, newsletters, and a robust social promotion strategy, the event successfully established Visa as an inclusive network.

As a lead and sole motion designer, I was responsible for creating a robust video toolkit of livestream event video and social assets.

The Challenge
Managed a large volume of assets
I tackled this by carefully tracking versions, ensuring quality control, keeping design consistent and maintaining organized workflows, all to uphold campaign consistency and effectiveness.

Collaborated with External Studios for Live Stream Production
Partnered with an external production studio for live streams involved aligning schedules, sharing creative vision, handing off the files, and ensuring everyone was on the same page throughout the production process.

The Result
1.6M+  live stream impressions    
692K  total article views
15.5M+  total media unit impressions    
20% of campaign checkouts occurred during live stream
The Campaign​​​​​​​
Facebook Posts
Utilizing UGC-style video enhances the effectiveness of our e-commerce marketing strategy.
Paid Social Promotion

Event Banner

Premium Shoppable Article
Enhances the user experience by allowing shoppers to seamlessly discover and purchase products directly from the content, thereby driving engagement and increasing conversion rates.
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